Tomorrow’s entrepreneurs




Claremont High School, Cape Town, South Africa

One of the first Jumpstart Youth projects to get underway, the CHS group has 13 members with MBA students from Cape Town University acting as mentors. The school is only five years old and the group noted that there aren’t any official school sports accessories. They felt the need to create equality and a sense of belonging among the students. The group decided to create, market and sell a sports pack consisting of a bag, lanyard and peak cap. They arrived at this decision following lengthy discussion, market research involving other students (including assembly presentations, utilising social media), completing a SWOT analysis and then gaining advice from the MBA students. The packs have been designed, created and are now being sold!


Jumpstart Youth English+ projectEnglish+, Norwich, UK

The attendees of English+ classes received advice and guidance from students at Norwich Girls’ High School to design, create and sell baby bibs and handmade cards at local markets. According to the Rosie Sexton, the English+ Co-ordinator: “Many of those who English+ work with find it hard to integrate into life in the UK. Frequently people say they have few opportunities to meet local people, speak English and learn the local culture. Working with Jumpstart Youth has been a great way for those new to Norwich to mix with students of their own age, and build confidence through developing a small business and selling their products. Not only have the students learnt new skills, but they have also made friends across the language barrier and had a positive experience of youth culture in the UK.”

Encompass Trust, Tulkarem, the West Bank

We are excited to have a project underway with young people in the town of Tulkarem, overseen by the charity Encompass Trust. The group of young people are marketing and selling equipment to help babies breathe easily when congested. The equipment is being sold at an affordable rate, which means that not only are the members of the group benefitting from the experience, but that babies are able to sleep better and their parents are able to get some rest!

Future Projects, Norwich, UK

We will be running a project through Future Projects very soon to empower young people in Norwich.