Our Impact

The individuals involved in Jumpstart Youth business projects gain key life skills and experiences that will benefit them whether they apply for jobs, educational opportunities or become entrepreneurs. Creating and selling their own business product gives young people the belief and confidence to approach challenges. Key to the experience is the analysis and reflection of participants in examining what worked, what they would do differently and how they might apply their new found skills in the future.

Skills developed through involvement with Jumpstart Youth:

Team work – participants develop how to work with each other, share ideas

Management and organisational the members of each group must decide on what their business projects will involve, how they will manage themselves, who will be responsible for each aspect of the projects

Financial – each group must document its use of finance, how it decided to spend the financial grant, keep records of projected spend and actual spend, along with projected and actual profits.

Marketing – each group determines how they will market and advertise their products, utilising a variety of options to achieve success.

Sales – for many of those involved, this will be the first time that they have had to approach and sell to members of the public.

Responsibility – the young people involved own the projects, they make all decisions about every aspect.

It is the drive and determination of the young people involved which makes the projects such a success. The first project to get underway involved the students at Claremont High School, Cape Town. Hear from them first hand about their experience