What We Do

Jumpstart Youth is a UK charity (Registered no. 1160877) which provides disadvantaged young people around the world with the opportunity to learn skills and gain experience through entrepreneurship.

The young people involved may be economically or socially disadvantaged. Working together they create their own business products, market and sell them.

Jumpstart Youth provides groups of young people with:

  •      Financial grants
  •      Guidance to creating a business
  •      Links to mentors

Through sponsorship and donations, Jumpstart Youth removes barriers to involvement by providing grant funding for the projects.

Why is Jumpstart Youth needed?

There is a need to offer young people who find themselves in disadvantaged positions (socially or economically) opportunities to gain skills and experiences which will help empower them to shape their futures. They may not have access to a quality education, occupation opportunities or family contacts to help fulfil their potential.

The young people involved with Jumpstart Youth projects are trusted and made responsible for all aspects of the project. Their confidence and self-belief is improved as they learn first-hand and develop different skills, experiences and learnings through the experience of creating, marketing and selling their business products.